The Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles promise

Renewal by Andersen of Los Angles is the Los Angeles and surrounding area replacement widow and door specialist that offers service that is synonymous with quality and excellence. Renewal by Andersen has been a true innovator in replacement windows and doors for many years and their certified experts have a true commitment to providing their customers with the very best in customer service possible.

When it comes to doing right for your family and your home, Renewal by Andersen is all about the “Golden Rule” and this is a code that we live by. It is in our blood and each of our devoted staff will work endlessly to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the product you receive and the service we provide. It is not just a part of our business model; it is how we live our lives. It is critical that we do everything in our power to make sure you and your home get the service, respect and absolute attention you so rightfully deserve.

Renewal by Andersen makes a commitment and promise to listen to the needs that you have and we will recommend the best possible solution for your unique circumstances. Our first rule for customer service is to make sure all of our valued customers have their needs properly heard first, and then appropriately met.

We begin this journey by first listening to you well and making sure that we properly identify any issues that you are having with your Los Angeles home and make recommendation as to how you can fix it.  Click HERE for more information on the remarkable services Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles provides or call to schedule a free, no obligation in home consultation.

How to know its time to replace your entry way door

One thing that many Los Angeles homeowners can agree on is the fact that your entry way door has a tendency to say a lot about who you are and your home in general. The way this space presents to you as you first approach your home can set the mood and tone for the rest of the experience your guests may have. What is the first impression that your entry door is making on your house guests? Just as important, if not an even more important question, what is that doorway doing to properly protect you and your family? Not just from intruders, but also the environment. [Read more…]

Why should you choose Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles?

When it comes to choosing the right company for your replacement windows or doors it can sometimes be a challenging and confusing experience. There are a lot of options out there and a countless companies making some pretty big promises. The question is, who really is the right one for you and who ultimately will be able to give you want you need at a reasonable price. The answer to this question is remarkably simple. [Read more…]

The true benefits of replacement windows for your Los Angeles home

There are many home owners in the Los Angeles and surrounding area that end up unintentionally waiting on finding out the benefits of replacement windows for their home until there is some kind of obvious indication that there has been some kind of window failure. One of the most obvious is the buildup of condensation or fogging of the glass. You may also find frames or sills that are rotten and for some the maintenance of older windows made from wood can become so much of a hassle that it just isn’t worth it. Windows can become stuck closed, either from coat after coat of paint, or simply by age, and this can all accumulate to a window that just does not do its job properly. [Read more…]

Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles can help you add both value and comfort to your home

Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles is the select supplier of top quality Andersen windows in the Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We offer a huge variety of window styles, from more customary double hung to custom fit specialty windows, and can work right alongside you to help craft a window experience that includes excellence, quality, and a new vibrant feel to your home. When you work with a replacement windows and doors organization like Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles, you will be in the good qualified hands of highly trained and certified experts. [Read more…]

How to Measure for Replacement Windows in your Los Angeles Home

Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles and their highly trained and certified staff of experts take pride in their ability to provide their customers with excellent service and unsurpassed product. They work tirelessly to ensure that you have a custom built and installed replacement Los Angeles windows and doors. This starts with thorough measurements taken personally by a production field manager. You may also find that you want to take measurements of your window yourself, but don’t know exactly what you should be measuring. The following is some helpful advice.

Measuring the Window Opening

In order to get a proper picture of the overall shape and size of your Los Angeles windows it is a good idea to measure the following areas.

Width Measurement:

Be certain to measure the space between the jambs of the window opening at the following three points: top, middle and bottom. It is important not to measure from the trim strips in your old window opening but instead from the surface of the jambs. The smallest of these measurements is the one you will want to use.

Height Measurement:

Measure from the highest part of your window sill, which is the area closest to the window’s inside to the very top of the window opening. Again you will want three measurements: one on the left, one on the center and one on the window’s right side. Of these you will want to use the smallest height measurement.

Depth Measurement: 

Ignoring all parting strips and pulleys, you will then want to measure the dimensions of the window depth. It is good to note that there needs to be at the very least 3 ¼ inches of opening present between the window trim on the inside and the blind stop strip on the outside.

Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles is always available to help and never feel like you are on your own when teams of highly trained experts are available to assist you. We encourage you to contact us here at Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles to learn more about replacement windows. Give us a call at 310-734-5554 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free, no obligation in-home estimate for new windows in Los Angeles.

Some tips about installing and maintaining blinds in your Los Angeles home

Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles is not only concerned about ensuring you have the best replacement windows and doors experience possible, they also want you to be able to manage your space as well. That takes knowledge and something we have extensive experience with. For example, the proper use of blinds. If you follow these simple tips you can ensure years of easy, smooth operation of your Los Angeles window blinds:

  • Be sure that you allow your blinds to acclimate to your home for best performance. There are many factors that can affect their use like air pressure, altitude and temperature can all contribute to how long it takes for them to acclimate. In many cases this is about 24 hours.


  • To get the proper position slide the operator both up and down so that you can find a position that is the desired height. The blinds themselves will have a separate tilt control. It is important that you slide this to tilt the slats in a position and angle that is desirable.


  • Be certain that the surface of the glass is clean so that your blinds will be able to operate with ease. Glass that is dirty potentially can impede movement and require more force to change. Make sure to always raise the blinds only when they are tilted in the open position.


  • Some blinds will raise and lower by way of magnets. When attempting to raise and lower and the operator comes loose from the glass, you will not be able to operate the blind. This will mean that the magnets have become disconnected. If this happens it is a simple fix. Simply side up the operator until it can no longer move. You will hear a second clicking sound which will be the magnets re-engaging.


  • If you find that the raising and lowering operator has come off track it will need to be reinstalled. This can be done by holding the glass so that you can reinsert the legs under the track opening. You will then need to follow the previous instructions for re-engaging the magnets.


  • It is also a good idea to never attempt to operate blinds until they are positioned upright. Failure to do so may result in damage to the blinds.


Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles recognizes that there are countless styles and functions customers are looking for and we are hear to help you make your dreams come true. We have a wide variety of replacement windows and doors to choose from and we can also help guide you to help you accomplish what you are envisioning. We encourage you to contact us here at Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles to learn more about replacement windows. Give us a call at 310-734-5554 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free, no obligation in-home estimate for new windows in Los Angeles.

A long history of excellence, Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles

Did you know that Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles has been serving the people of the Los Angeles and surrounding area for over 30 years. Originally founded in 1980, Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles has been a family-owned and managed business that provides world class customer service and the highest quality replacement windows and doors. It has been the Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles mission to add value to Los Angeles and the surrounding area homes through a commitment to making them more attractive, comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient.

Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles has more window replacement experience than any other South Bay or West Los Angeles window replacement contractor. There are many contractors who have claimed to have experience with home improvement projects. However Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles has focused exclusively on windows and doors. Because they do not install roofs or gutters or siding they have been able to instead fine tune their abilities making them the strongest replacement windows and doors provider in the industry. This alone can give you a peace of mind in knowing that you are in capable hands, and that the job will be done right the first time.

Honestly with well over 10,000 customers for replacement Los Angeles windows and doors the chances are one or more of your neighbors have already had a wonderful experience with us.

We encourage you to contact us here at Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles to learn more about replacement windows. Give us a call at 310-734-5554 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free, no obligation in-home estimate for new windows in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles REPLACEMENT WINDOWS from Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles, So many options available

One thing that the Los Angeles and surrounding area have come to know and expect is excellence from Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles and its staff of certified experts. Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles  has a wide selection of options to choose from and if you are looking for replacement windows or doors for your Los Angeles area home you have come to the right place.

Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles installs the very best in replacement windows, and Los Angeles residents trust us to deliver exceptional value and service. We are the area’s exclusive distributor of Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows and doors. No other Los Angeles area windows or doors offer the same combination of beauty, energy efficiency, durability and value.

Many homes carry wood windows, and while they are still a viable option, older wood windows will likely require replacement. The designs produced by Renewal by Andersen® can give you windows using vinyl and Fibrex materials, both of which are stronger and more durable than even the highest quality wood. By replacing your old wood windows with advanced replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen®, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on your windows for years to come.

We think when you add up the benefits, you’ll join thousands of your neighbors in choosing Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles for doors and replacement windows Los Angeles homeowners will enjoy for many years to come, and for window repair Los Angeles residents count on for quality and service.

Contact Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles, the experts in window installation Los Angeles trusts, at 310-734-5554 for a free, no obligation in-home estimate for new replacement windows in Los Angeles.

Finding a large selection to choose from is only one of the many qualities of Clark Adams Co.

For most people when it comes time to replace windows or doors in their Los Angeles home they focus on what they have and try and emulate it. The problem is they don’t realize they can have so much more. The reality is there are loads of options available out there, particularly if they utilize someone such as Clark Adams Co. whose team of certified professionals are top of the line.


By using the phenomenal experts at Clark Adams Co. customers seeking the best in replacement windows and doors for their Los Angles and surrounding area homes will have the absolute best in product and customer service. Clark Adams Co. devote tireless hours to fine tuning their craft and specialize in custom construction and installation.


Because of this when customers go looking to actual selection they no longer have to settle for what they already have owned. Now they can go far beyond and find exceptional functionality, beauty, and efficiency all rolled up together in a product that is surprisingly affordable.


Clark Adams Co. specializes in customer satisfaction and this is achieved through making sure that the customer is guided to the right service, and in turn that will bring them the most happiness. Then, with the assistance of their partnership with industry leader Renewal by Andersen, these experts can craft a product that is both cost effective and esthetically pleasing.


To add to this there are so many products available to choose from, all adding to the functionality and energy efficiency of the home. For example, did you know that you don’t have to settle for the same old color and style you once had? Now you can add some color and ability to your windows and doors that give you more room and overall comfort.


For more information about the amazing services that Clark Adams Co. can provide you click HERE, or call 310-734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.