What does a Lifetime warranty really mean?

One of the things that separate from others is their remarkable warranty. With their partnership with Renewal by Andersen they offer a fully transferable warranty that covers parts, labor, and the original installation. There is a 20 year limited warranty for glass, a two year limited warranty on installation, and a 10 year limited warranty on components other than glass.

There are times when some manufacturers or installers may offer you a life-time warranty, and although these options may sound tempting, it is important to consider a few basic things first. To offer a full life-time warranty is a hefty promise. When they are making this it is a good idea to find out what exactly that means. When the consumer buys a product that has a life-time warranty they have the illusion of comfort in knowing that no matter what happens they will always have replacement as an options. The fact is however, this may not actually be what they are getting.

To begin with there does not seem to be an industry wide standard as to what a life-time warranty actually means. What does that cover, and how long is life time? Although if is nice to think that what a customer wants is the important part of the process, the reality is that the expectations they have are completely irrelevant on what the outcome will actually be.

In addition to this, there is no law or penalty in place by the Federal Trade Commission to cover misuse of this term should a company choose to sell a product this way. Unfortunately in a market full of closures and bankruptcies the FTC has stressed that customers should never assume that a life-time warranty means their own life time, it typically has come to stand for the life time of the company.

and Renewal by Andersen have worked to establish themselves in a responsible and diligent way that will continue to only grow in the future. You can take comfort in knowing that a 20 year warranty will be covered and their certified experts will give you and yourLos Angeleshome the best care possible.

To learn more about the warranties offered by both Clark Adams and Renewal by Andersen click HERE, or call (310) 734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation estimate.

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