15-Step Installation method: We let you know what to expect and when to expect it

Something that people have grown to expect and love about the professionals at is the fact that they will make sure you know exactly what is happening, and when it will be taking place. This is done by making sure that customers understand and know about the Clark Adam’s 15-step installation method. Not only is this a useful tool for helping put customers at ease when it comes to working on theirLos Angeleshomes, but it also ensures that every window replacement job has perfect results.

To begin the process a production field manager goes over the entire project with you and then schedules a follow up visit. They take exact measurements and they go over any unique situation or condition that they may find. When this is complete they will order custom windows or doors and when the installation day arrives every precaution is taken to ensure that your property and belongings are protected.

After your old window is removed and the opening is properly taken care of more measurements and assessments are done to make sure that you will get a perfect custom fit. An application of exterior trim underlayment is done, and interior and exterior trim is added.

Caulking and sealing is added to joints and Clark Adams experts use three different types of advanced sealants designed for specific applications. Before completion the windows are cleaned and any stickers are removed. They even lubricate all moving parts and set screens.

Then, after installation is finished, crews come and haul away any debris and old windows. They then clean up all work areas and go over the operation and make sure to answer any questions.

The process of window replacement is something that should be easy and enjoyable for you and your family and the team at Clark Adams work to make sure that it is an effortless process. To learn more about the 15-step installation process click HERE, or call (310) 734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation estimate.

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