Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles can help you add both value and comfort to your home

Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles is the select supplier of top quality Andersen windows in the Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We offer a huge variety of window styles, from more customary double hung to custom fit specialty windows, and can work right alongside you to help craft a window experience that includes excellence, quality, and a new vibrant feel to your home. When you work with a replacement windows and doors organization like Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles, you will be in the good qualified hands of highly trained and certified experts.

Replacing your Los Angeles home windows can be a challenging experience, from the stress of not knowing what to do in order to get things started to picking the right people to help you. Rest assured in knowing that not only can Renewal by Andersen make this an enjoyable experience, they can also help you add real value to any home. By supplanting your more seasoned windows with new, more attractive and functional Andersen windows, you will promptly start to save on your monthly energy costs as well as adding a new sense of comfort. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are custom built and installed utilizing the most exceptional materials available. This ranges from Low-E glass bundles to high quality frames and hardware. Ultimately it is our goal to help you to be able to have access to exceptional windows in your home that are functional to the greatest degree possible, regardless of the environment they are faced with.

As the area’s exclusive Renewal by Andersen dealer we realize that your replacement windows and doors are ultimately an investment and one that you want to be able to get the most from your money. To ensure this is possible Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles does several things. First of all they work tirelessly to be certain that you have a custom built, and perfectly custom installation of our product. This way you can rest easy knowing that there will be no surprise drafts or leaks in your home, and you will receive the maximum amount of energy efficiency as well. The fact is statistics show as much as 40% of the energy produced and used in the home is lost due to poor installation of doors, windows and insulation.

Secondly we back our products with an exceptional guarantee. We put our absolute all into all that we do, however we also realize that unforeseen things can happen and to make certain that you care completely covered we guarantee our work.

The fact is you cannot ask for anything better than what Renewal by Andersen can provide. For more information regarding the services that Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles click HERE or call (310) 734-5554 to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.

Add a fresh new look and feel to your Los Angeles home with replacement patio doors

Are you like many home owners who are searching for a way that you and your family can have more daylight in your Los Angeles or surrounding area home? Did you know that Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles offers replacement Patio Doors which feature an amazing way for you to do precisely just that?

Most everyone will agree that having regular sunlight can make a room all the more welcoming and inviting. If you are like many los Angeles home owners out there you have been wondering if an update to your home will help you gather more natural sunlight and also improve your home. Here are a few ways that porch entryways can upgrade the overall look and general feel that your home environment can have with replacement doors from Renewal by Andersen.

For starters the porch entryway style you pick has a tremendous effect in the amount of regular light you bring into the inside of your home. Style decisions likewise influence how the interior of your home feels, flows and can even enlivening your actual floor plans.

Pivoted French-style entryways give a delightful and open feeling access to those who visit, while also permitting abundant light to bathe the inside of your home as well. French-style entryways may be designed to swing internal or outward, contingent upon whether you need to boost the inside floor space, or have more space on patios, the addition of floor-level windows on upper floors with French-style yard entryways can  give your Los Angeles a subtle but potentially breathtaking new look.


Contemporary Gliding Doors have the same space-sparing outline advantages as the French-style yard entryways do, but also come with several additional benefits – smaller trim means a more open and spacious appearance while also adding more style. Stainable wood insides can enhance the overall look as well and can make a remarkable difference again to the first impression you give.

Remember that Renewal by Andersen of Los Angeles has a team of certified professionals that can assist you in getting the most from your home. Call for a no obligation in-home consultation with one of our experts and schedule an appointment now.

More Features and Styles means that Renewal by Andersen customers are all winners!

If you are like most Los Angeles home owners you want to spend a little more time actually enjoying the view that your home offers and less time having to deal with the maintenance that is required. When if comes to replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen you can have the very best of both custom installation and style, and you can have it all with a level of expertise that is unmatched.

With our beautiful, energy efficient and custom installed windows, our team of professional installers will start each project with an in-home, no obligation consultation. This will end with a fantastic new and custom built and installed replacement windows or doors that will come with a warranty that is just as great Renewal by Andersen offers a wide selection to choose from that features many different styles and colors.

Included in the selections which Renewal by Andersen offers are hardware and finish which can range from classic to your own unique and customized vision which can complement the architectural style of your existing home. Renewal by Andersen offers both solid or dual-colored finish that enables you to match the interior or exterior window color selection that your Los Angeles home already features.

You can ultimately complement your home and what is essentially the first impression you are giving to visitors with interior decor that comes in various standard hardware finishes, tones and styles.

If your not sure how the particular addition to your home will look you can use the Renewal by Andersen window visualizer to preview how each of the different options will change the interior or exterior look of your home.

For more information about the replacement windows and doors that Renewal by Andersen offers, or if you are interested in a free, no obligation in home consultation call 310-734-5554 to schedule an appointment and their team of highly qualified experts will help you through the process.

How Do Window Color and Style Boost Curb Appeal?

One surefire way to boost the curb appeal of your home is to replace your old windows. When your windows look worn-out or damaged, it’s time to have them replaced with more durable and stylish ones. Nowadays, there are several designs and colors available. These two features help boost aesthetic appeal. [Read more…]

Is your home fading away? ARE YOU SEEING YOUR FURNITURE, CARPET, DRAPES OR ARTWORK getting ruined by the sun?

If you are like many Los Angeles and surrounding area home owners you value the effort, time and money you have put in to your home and what is in it. You want to protect it and likely have locks or other security measures in place to make sure it does not get lost or stolen. Did you know that all of these efforts may be in vein if you do not also protect it from the elements? Ultraviolet rays can enter your home through windows and doors and have a disastrous effect by fading your furniture, the carpet, your window treatments and even your artwork.

The unfortunate reality is that these materials, as well as other items, will fade when they are exposed to the damaging and harsh light of the sun. By simply replacing your existing Los Angeles home windows with a more energy efficient product you can not only help to protect your home and contents from the powerful UV light but also reduce energy costs. By having certified experts like those at Renewal by Andersen you can help to protect and extend the lifespan of your household and personal items.

In addition to this, if you are still using storm windows it is important to know that advancements in technology have improved over the past few years allowing the time consuming and challenging ritual of removing and installing storm windows is obsolete. By using new Renewal by Andersen replacement windows you can at long last eliminate this unnecessary hassle and move on to something a little more enjoyable.

Just imagine how great your spring cleaning can be now!

Finally it is important to understand that if your home has drafts and is leaking water this is not something you have to put up with. There are better solutions and replacing your windows and doors is a great way to do this. Through the expert skill of our team of highly trained professionals you can have the best of both beauty and functionality with the comfort of us guiding you to the best option for you and your home.

Contact us today at 310-734-5554 for a free, no obligation in-home estimate for new Los Angeles windows or doors.

WHAT’S YOUR REPLACEMENT STYLE For your Los Angeles and surrounding area home?


Excited to tackle a new home improvement project but don’t know where to start? One of the simplest ways to make big changes to the overall look and feel of your Los Angeles home is to replace the windows and doors. This will enable you to increase the functionality, enhance the look and add a significant level of comfort. On top of this, you can also decrease your monthly energy bills by having a more energy efficient addition if it is properly installed and of good quality.

With that in mind having Renewal by Andersen help you to achieve your goal is a great way to ensure it is done right and you have the highest quality possible. The question is what is your next step?

There are a few things to consider before beginning your project, even if it is something like replacing your windows and doors, which can seem like a relatively simple task. The main one to think about is who will be doing the work, you or a professional?

Doing It Yourself

Do you enjoy the feeling of working with your own two hands and achieving something positive that can show for something? Tackling your own window replacement project can be very rewarding. However, it can also have its challenges. There are many homeowners who are capable of taking on a project like this and yet even those who are experts find that they cannot achieve a truly energy efficient installation. The key to doing this is custom building and installing your replacement windows and doors.

The fact is, regardless of your intentions, when a home is built not all areas are the same and even if they are close buildings will have a tendency to settle and dimensions will alter. As a result it is important to understand that a one size fits all approach is not always the best and in this case ensuring a proper fit can make all the difference. Did you know that as much as 40% of the energy you create is lost in the average home due to poorly installed or crafted windows and doors? Making sure it is done right is critical and Renewal by Andersen can help you achieve this.

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If you are like many Los Angeles or surrounding area home owners it can be a real challenge to know when is the right time to replace your existing windows. The truth is if they are not actually broken you might not even consider that replacing them is a good idea. Why would you? You still can close them or seal yourself from the outside world, right? The trouble is there are a lot of reasons why replacing your windows may be a good idea. If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions you may want to consider replacing your windows or doors.
1. How old is your home, and have your windows been there more than 15 years?
The fact is if you have window or doors that are older than 15 years they may feature technology that is out dated. Things have come a long way since their inception and if you notice that they are no longer giving you the performance you are needing it is time to consider replacement. Renewal by Andersen® windows doors are capable of improving the look and feel of your home as well as lower your utility bills. In addition to this because they are custom built and installed and so they can help to reduce noise and raise the level of comfort you experience in your home.
2. Do your windows or doors have a draft or leak water?
If you have windows or doors that are no longer able to keep the outside temperatures and elements at bay it is time to consider replacement. You may be surprised how much money you may be able to save by making these simple changes. Because you can lose a lot of energy from poorly crafted or installed windows or doors you should think about replacement.
3. How difficult are your windows or doors to operate?
If you have windows or doors that just seem to refuse to open or even have a tendency to get stuck in a single position you will truly not be able to use it to its fullest potential. In addition to this it will contribute to the overall inefficiency that your home is able to produce.

By replacing these items with new and more efficient elements you will give yourself a peace of mind that is highly valuable. The fact is there are countless reasons why ensuring you and your family are properly secured by Renewal by Andersen windows and doors are the right thing to do. You will find that our staff of highly trained and helpful staff will enable you to find the right fit for your home that will give you a greater level of comfort and save you money in the long run.

Contact us today at 310-734-5554 for a free, no obligation in-home estimate for the best choice in new Los Angeles windows or doors.

What Your Windows Say About Your Home

Windows can make a big difference when it comes to the visual appeal of your home. They can be used to express your personal style and taste. If you feel that your windows are dragging down the overall curb appeal of your home because they look old and worn-out, consult the professionals at Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles for a solution. [Read more…]